Almost 138,000 displaced persons and conflict-affected people assisted by IOM

As of April 2017, IOM has assisted almost  138,000 vulnerable internally displaced persons and conflict-affected people in 24 regions of Ukraine. They were provided with cash assistance, medicine, hygiene items, clothes and shoes, household items, legal counselling and psychological support, as well as livelihood support.

IOM Supports Ukrainian Border Guards Anti-Corruption Efforts and Staff Reform

The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service has started recruiting some 800 staff to serve at the two major entry points to Ukraine under a new IOM-supported initiative.

IOM’S PUBLIC INSTALLATION CALLS on Ukrainians to Combat Human Trafficking

On the occasion of the International Day for Abolition of Slavery, the International Organization for Migration has opened in Kyiv a public installation DIMENSIONS3 to educate public on risks of human trafficking and motivate Ukrainian communities to join in the fight against human trafficking – a form of modern day slavery.

"People think about migrants based on their judgments without the necessary evidence"

Ukrainian-born jazz pianist and composer Vadim Neselovskyi, who lives and works in the U.S.,  performed together with Laura Marti, a Ukrainian singer of Armenian origin, at the concert on the occasion of IOM's 20 years in Ukraine. After the concert, Vadim shared his story with IOM, joining IOM's global campaign "I Am a Migrant".

IOM Director General Visits Ukraine

IOM Director General William Lacy Swing travelled to Kyiv on 6-7 October to meet high level Ukrainian officials. His visit marked the 20th anniversary of the IOM Mission in Ukraine – currently the biggest IOM mission in Europe.


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