16 November 2011
This is a period in which the old world is slowly but irreversibly changing and the contours of a new one are just beginning to take shape. Traditional institutions are being challenged. Budgets are being squeezed. Families are being stressed. All of this flux and churning creates enormous anxiety. At times of change, we must stay true to the ideals and principles that are at the heart of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Among those core values is tolerance. Our practice of tolerance must mean more than peaceful coexistence, crucial as that is. It must be an active understanding fostered through dialogue and positive engagement with others.
15 November 2011
Representatives of Embassies, international organizations, Ukrainian governmental bodies and NGOs visited the Volyn Migrants Accommodation Centre (MAC) to check its technical conditions and observe how the needs of irregular migrants are met. The visit took place in the framework of the Observatory Mechanism, coordinated by IOM and designed to conduct joint assessments of migrants? accommodation conditions at Chernihiv and Volyn MACs, as well as in the Temporary Holding Facility in Chop, with the purpose to safeguard migrants? rights.
25 October 2011
On the occasion of the United Nations (UN) Day the Heads of Agencies of UN Country Team visited Migrants Accommodation Centre (MAC) in Chernihiv oblast to see firsthand the conditions in which apprehended irregular migrants are living in. After touring the Centre UN Resident Coordinator Olivier Adam stated his satisfaction with the conditions at the Centre and congratulated MAC?s administration for their efforts to implement best European standards.