This Non-paper "Integration of Migrants in Ukraine" is a situation and needs assessment, which was prepared OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) by Piotr Kazmierkiewicz, a migration expert, with IOM assistance.

Useful information for foreigners studying in Ukraine. IOM-supported publication issued in Vinnytsia in 2010

The World Migration Report 2010 (WMR 2010) willbe the fifth in IOM's series of biennial reports on international migration.Like the World Migration Reports that have preceded it, it is intended tocontribute to the mission of the International Organization of Migration (IOM)to promote 'humane and orderly policies in the movement of persons acrossborders'. Specifically, its aim is to promote a focus on building capacities toenable states and other stakeholders to respond to and plan for migration effectivelyand in a sustainable way.