Attention! The tender rules have been changed. Tender for the supply and delivery of the hygiene kits and water filters (UA1-2015-827)

Subject: Attention! The tender rules have been changed. Tender for the supply and delivery of the hygiene kits and water filters (UA1-2015-827)
Published: 21.08.2015
Status: closed

International organization for migration, Mission to Ukraine, (IOM) on 21 August 2015 announces a public tender for the supply and delivery of the hygiene kits and water filters in the framework of the project “Humanitarian aid to the most affected population in the government- and non-government-controlled areas of Ukraine” funded by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the U.S. Department of State.

Bidding procedure will be conducted based on the rules of the International Organization for Migration.

Rules, requirements for bidding documentation, instructions for the participants, terms of reference and standard form of the Supply Agreement can be downloaded here.

The bid must be valid for no less than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the tender submission deadline; it should be clearly stated in the bid.

The components of the Bids:

Bids must include packaging, shipping, unloading, and the entry of goods into the warehouses in two settlements in Ukraine (Donetsk region: Svyatohirsk and Slovyansk cities).

Each Bid should include separate cost calculations of the labeling of each set. Bidders Specifications must be prepared according to the templates and forms approved by the IOM and provided in this tender documentation (pp. 28-38, 60).

Terms of supplies and delivery:

Delivery will be made on monthly basis for 10 months in quantity specified by IOM. Payment for goods will be made periodically (approximately every month), according to invoices and related expenditure bills for the actual delivered goods, based on the amount of goods ordered by IOM in the corresponding month.

Supply of water filters in an even number will be made in the first and second deliveries.

Places of delivery are in Donetsk region: Svyatohirsk and Sloviansk cities.

Preliminary calculation of monthly supplies: 90% - Svyatohirsk, 10% - Sloviansk.

Term of the first supply of goods shall not exceed 10 calendar days from the date of signing the contract.

Bids presentation:

Interested companies should provide product samples to be included to the proposed kits, kits’ packing and labeling options for sets together with their Bids.

Another key requirement is the willingness of the Bidder to accept a standard IOM contract form in full.

Bids evaluation will be made by lots.

Companies wishing to participate in the tender should submit originals of bids and supporting documents listed in Bidding documents, including Bid Security equivalent, on or before 10:00 (EEST) Monday, 28 September 2015 (tender’s deadline) with tender reference UA1-2015-827 on the envelope.

It also needs to be noted that prices for goods are quoted in US Dollars without VAT. Bids including VAT will be rejected. Payment will be made in the currency of account at the IOM exchange rate on the date of payment (link to the website of rates:

The bids, which are not compliant to the abovementioned, will not be considered by IOM.

The proposals must be delivered by hand or through mail in the sealed envelope with reference “UA1-2015-827 Tender for supplies of hygiene kits and water filters” to IOM with office address:  

Procurement Unit

8, Mykhailivska St., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

and via e-mail -, indicating reference number and title of the tender.

Interested Bidders address questions related to Bidding Documents and / or Technical Specifications to the BEAC by email: no later than 2 (two) working days before the final deadline for submission of Bids (indicating in the subject line number, title of the tender and with note "for Olga Yershova").

Written copies of IOM’s response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry) will be published at the country website of the IOM Mission in Ukraine for all prospective bidders (

IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any bids, and to cancel the procurement process and reject all bids at any time prior to award of Contract, without obligation to inform the affected Bidder/s of the ground for IOM action.