7 August 2017

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the International Organization for Migration organized a summer school for children attending the Juvenile Probation Centres of Kyiv, Lviv, Melitopol, Mariupol, Zaporizhia and Odesa.

Twenty three adolescents were brought to a recreation centre near Kyiv, where they will have an interactive six-day programme. Summer school participants will learn about personal security and safe migration, human trafficking, cultural diversity, healthy lifestyles, leadership and responsible citizenship. They will be also able to improve their communication and critical thinking skills, learn how to take balanced decisions, and familiarize themselves with opportunities for education and volunteering. The summer school was made possible with the generous support of the American people through the U.S. International Development Agency (USAID) project and from Global Affairs Canada.

According to the results of an IOM-commissioned representative survey on vulnerable children’s and youth’s trafficking awareness, conducted at the end of 2015, children in conflict with the law are the most vulnerable to the threats of modern-day slavery. “Seventy-two per cent (72%) of young people aged 13-20 and detained in penitentiaries revealed the highest propensity to accept at least one proposal that may lead to human trafficking involvement,” said Ms. Alessia Schiavon, Senior Programme Coordinator at IOM Ukraine. “Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to raise these childern’s awareness and educate them in order to prevent them from getting into risky situations and criminal traps,” added Ms. Schiavon.

First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Ms. Natalia Sevostyanova, announced about a new educational initiative for children in conflict with the law – a pilot English language studies’ project to be launched by the Ministry. «Determination, hard work and self-belief will always help you to become successful. And a good command of English will become a key to the world modern books, online-courses and promising jobs,” Ms. Sevostyanova said. 

The summer school official opening ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Mr. Denys Cherhyshov,  Head of International Development Section of the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine Karim Morcos, and Democracy Development Specialist with USAID Ukraine, Ms. Donna Kerner.