Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum met in Warsaw to discuss economic integration of migrants

20 December 2017

On 14-15 December, the Panel Meeting on Economic Integration of Migrants took place in Warsaw. The event was co-hosted by Poland and Georgia with the support of the European Commission and the IOM Mission in Ukraine under the framework of the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum

The issue of economic integration of migrants is vital both for EU states and Eastern Partnership countries as recent changes in migration trends are gradually transforming traditional countries of origin to receiving countries, which brings new challenges. Also, being the UN Member States, both EU and Eastern Partnership countries have commitments under the New York Declaration regarding measures to improve integration and inclusion of migrants.

The meeting provided experts from the EU Member States, the Eastern Partnership countries, the European Commission, UN agencies and other international organizations with an opportunity to discuss current migration trends, recent developments in the EU integration policy, facilitation and measuring of migrants’ economic integration, protection of migrant workers from abuse and exploitation. The importance of education as well as recognition of qualifications and skills for successful integration and the role of civil society in building and harnessing the potential of the migration-development nexus were also in the focus of the meeting. More information as well as the meeting materials are available under the link