IOM inaugurates new migration health centre in Kyiv

11 July 2014

The new premises of IOM Ukraine’s Migration Health Department were officially opened this week in Kyiv. From now on, all health assessments will be conducted at 16-V, Horkoho Street, at the clinic of IOM partner Healthy and Happy.

Since its inception in 1997, IOM Ukraine’s migration health department has provided health assessment services to more than 200,000 migrants. An evaluation of the health status of individuals obtaining a visa or going abroad for resettlement, international employment, or enrolment in specific migrant assistance programmes, is conducted to ensure that migration does not endanger the health of the migrants or pose a public health risk during travel or upon arrival. Reflecting national differences in immigration and public policies and practices, there is a diverse range of assessment requirements. IOM Ukraine performs health assessments for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

“I thank our U.S., Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and, since earlier this year, U.K. partners for entrusting us with this sensitive and crucial task, and hope that our cooperation will continue, in particular now that we have moved into these new, modern facilities,” said IOM Ukraine’s Chief of Mission Manfred Profazi at the opening ceremony.

Pictured from left to right: Manfred Profazi, IOM Ukraine’s Chief of Mission, Tim Kilbourn, Immigration Programme Manager, Canadian Embassy, and Henry Hand, U.S. Consul, cutting the ribbon


Contacts of IOM Ukraine’s Migration Health Department

Kyiv, 16-V Horkoho Street.


  • USRAP/US Green card: 044 584-3667
  • Canada/Australia/New Zealand: 044 584-3668
  • United Kingdom: 044 451- 8345

 Fax: 044 584-3672