Ukrainian School Children to Deepen Knowledge on Migration, Diversity and Counter-Trafficking

 17 October 2012

IOM Ukraine partnered with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and contributed to elaboration of new study programmes within the framework of middle school reform. In particular, IOM recommendations were included into the new curriculum in History, Geography, Health Care and Law.

For example, IOM suggested the necessity to explain the concepts of ?Diaspora?, ?cultural diversity? and ?cultural exchange? to Ukrainian school children. According to the IOM initiative, school students should be also briefed on the dangers of human trafficking, what forced labour is and know the rights of minors in terms of employment.

Having a global aim to contribute to better understanding of migration-related benefits and challenges, IOM uses this opportunity to improve the young generation?s awareness of the complex issue of migration and its impact on Ukrainian citizens, communities and the country as a whole. IOM?s aim is to help young Ukrainians better understand the challenges of a modern globalized world after their graduation.

IOM Ukraine will continue support in updating study programmes for Ukrainian school children and foster teacher training in order to improve the general awareness on migration-related and human rights issues.

For further information please contact Ms. Anastasia Vynnychenko via e-mail or telephone +380 44 568 50 15.