15 January 2016

EU-compliant criminal analysis and risk analysis systems will be established within the Counter-Trafficking (CT) Department of the National Police of Ukraine with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funding from the U.S. Department of State. The relevant system has been successfully established within the State Border Guard Service (SBGs) of Ukraine, and SBGS representatives are among the experts involved in the development of the criminal analysis and risk analysis systems for the National Police CT Department. The results of the review of the existing capacities and recommendations on the organizational changes, staffing issues and legal regulations needed for establishing the system were presented by the expert group at the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine.

Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Kostyantyn Bushuev expressed his appreciation of the international support to the Ukrainian police in implementing best international and European practices. The Acting Head of the CT Department of the National Police Vladyslav Dubyna stated that it was impossible to combat modern crime with old methods. “Comprehensive information systems and highly skilled analysts are needed to counter transnational crime like trafficking in human beings,” he said.

The current project is a next phase in the long-lasting cooperation of IOM with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, as IOM has been providing technical assistance and training to share best international and national practices, supporting Ukrainian law enforcers in establishing contacts with their foreign counterparts, and also has been actively engaged in providing legal support and protection to victims of trafficking. “With the development of EU-compliant criminal analysis and risk analysis systems within the National Police CT Department, we aim to strengthen the capability of Ukrainian law enforcers to successfully prevent and prosecute human trafficking from, to, and within the country,” said IOM Ukraine’s Chief of Mission Manfred Profazi.

According to the IOM’s estimates, about 160,000 persons were trafficked from Ukraine since 1991.  

Successful implementation of the pilot project of the criminal and risk analysis on the basis of the CT Department will allow extending it on the whole system of the Criminal Police of Ukraine in the future, which will enforce effectiveness of combating different crimes and will correspond to the modern challenges.