Journalists from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus engaged in IOM’s counter-trafficking initiative

2 March 2017

In the framework of the Regional Programme Against Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, the IOM Mission in Ukraine invited journalists from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine to participate in a three-day training on Counter-Trafficking, Media Advocacy and Ethics in Kyiv. The training focused on raising awareness of the journalists about current challenges related to human trafficking in the region and role that media can play in prevention of human trafficking, reporting the crime and advocating for strengthened government response and action. 

During the training, participants attended interactive sessions, watched documentary about human trafficking survivors, participated in practical exercises and developed their own advocacy campaigns to address most pressing challenges. The training was facilitated by IOM counter-trafficking specialists and invited expert, Ms. Larysa Denysenko, prominent Ukrainian journalist and writer. In the final day of the training participants had an opportunity to practice newly acquired knowledge in a simulation of a talk-show moderated by Mr. Andrii Kulykov, prominent TV, radio anchor and media expert. The simulation affirmed the value of role playing exercises, ingenuously demonstrated complexity of the issues faced by trafficking survivors and their need in empathy and support. 

Training proved to be inspiring and effective – some of the training participants have prepared counter-trafficking media products right away after returning home, while others told they were going to engage into advocacy media-projects countering modern-day slavery.