Published: 29.01.2019
Status: closed

In the framework of Support for Migration and Asylum Management in Ukraine (“IMMIS Project’) IOM Ukraine now invites Proponents to submit their proposals for the development of special software “Register of readmission and transit applications” for which this Bidding Document is issued.

The proposal must be valid for no less than 60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of bids opening (next business day after submission deadline); it should be clearly stated in the bid. The prices should be indicated in Euro without VAT. Proposals including VAT will be rejected.

More details on the services are provided in the attached archive of Bidding Document below.

The Bidding Document includes the following documents:

Section I.         Instructions to Proponents                                                       

Section II.        Technical Proposal Standard Forms                             

Section III.       Financial Proposal Standard Forms                              

Section IV.       Terms of Reference                                                     

Section V.         Service Contract template                                           

Section VI.       A. Guarantee of advance payment                               

                        B. Bid Security

                        C. Performance Security                                              

Annex A.           Vendor Information Sheet                                                       

Annex B.           Code of Conduct for the Supplier                                                                     

The Proponent submits following information and documents together with the original of bid:

a)    Technical Proposal Forms TPF-1 – TPF-10;

b)    Financial Proposal Forms FPF-1 – FPF-5;

c)    Bid Security in the form of bank guarantee from a reputable commercial banking institution and equivalent to 2% of total bid (Section VI (B);

d)    Company Profile (general presentation of the Proponent’s activities and experience);

e)    Vendor Information sheet (template provided in separate file);

f)     Signed Code of Conduct for the Supplier (signed and stamped) (template provided in separate file);

g)    List of main contracts, entered by the Proponent during the last 3 (three) years on fulfilling the project tasks of similar type and scope, in case of joint venture – for each partner. For each contract it is required to specify the general description of the project, duration, contract value, and Proponent’s role.

h)    Key customer’s references;

i)     Certificate of Registration from government agency in Ukraine or abroad;

j)     Proponent’s Charter (if available);

k)    Confirmations of Tax Identification Number and certificate of tax payer, issued by respective government agencies in Ukraine or abroad;

l)     Valid Government Permits/Licenses regarding the activity, related to the subject of the current tender (if applicable);

m)   Confirmation on payment of taxes for the last business year;

n)    In case the potential Service Provider is going to assign any subcontractors, the potential Service Provider should provide full scope of documents confirming capacities of the subcontractor, including a) Company Profile, b) Certificate of Registration from government agency in Ukraine or abroad; с) Valid Government Permits/Licenses, including confirmations of Tax Identification Number and local taxes, issued by respective government agency in Ukraine or abroad d) List of main contracts entered by the Company into for the last 3 years and customers’ references; e) Proof of Tax Payment for last business year.

The originals of proposals must be submitted to the BEAC in the sealed envelopes with tender reference UA1-2019-1515 “Development of special software “Register of readmission and transit applications” to the address:

International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine

Procurement Unit

8, Mykhailivska Street,

Kyiv, 01001,


on or before 17:00 EET, 28 February 2019. Late bids will not be considered.

Proponents also submit electronic copies of their proposals by deposing files either on Dropbox, OneDrive or other open fileshare hosting and shall send the link of the folder containing the proposals by e-mail addressed to: iomkievtenders@iom.int not later than 17.00 EET 28.02.2019 with subject line: #UA1-2019-1515_[Proponent’s name]_Electronic proposal.

Proposals, which are not compliant to the abovementioned, will not be considered by IOM.

Please address questions in writing to the following email iomkievtenders@iom.int specifying in the subject line: UA1-2019-1515 - [Proponent’s company name] – Clarification request (attn: Anna Kozachenko) not later than 5 (five) working days prior to deadline for submission.

Interested Proponents shall submit their preliminary confirmation of participation in tender on e-mail iomkievtenders@iom.int (any form, specifying name and contact details of a contact person) not later than 11.00 25.02.2019. The preliminary confirmation shall not be considered as an obligation to participate and may be withdrawn by the bidder any time before the specified deadline of bids submission.

IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and to annul the selection process and reject all Proposals at any time prior to agreement award, without thereby incurring any liability to affected Proponents.