Public tender for UA1-2015-134 the refurbishment of a former boarding school

Subject: Public tender for UA1-2015-134 the refurbishment of a former boarding school
Published: 12.05.2015
Status: closed

International organization for migration, Mission to Ukraine, (IOM) on 8th May 2015 re-announces a public tender for the refurbishment of an existing building (former boarding school) into an accommodation area for the benefit of "Chonhar" Border Division of the Azov-Black Sea Regional Directorate of the SBGS of Ukraine.  The activity is a part of the project titled “Sustainable Reforms for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine”, financed by the US Department of State and implemented by IOM.

Bidding procedure will be conducted based on the rules of the International Organization for Migration.

Bidding documentation, instructions for the participants, standard form of the Construction Contract can be downloaded here

Technical specification and drawings (0001, 0002, 0003, 0004) can be downloaded here

To download Bulletin #1 with questions and answers

Total Bid price shall be quoted in USD VAT excluded. Payment shall be made in the Invoice currency according to IOM exchange rate on the date of payment (the rates can be downloaded here

The bids, which are not compliant to the abovementioned, will not be considered by IOM.

Companies wishing to participate in the tender should submit their bids by 18:00 on 21 May 2015. The bid should include copies of companies’ statutory documents, EDRPOU certificate (on including the company to the unified Ukrainian state register of enterprises and organizations), copies of the original documents to authorize to carry out construction works;  list or references from the most prominent clients and other according to the requirements stated in the Bidding documents.   

In case of subcontractor involving, it is mandatory to submit all the technical and financial documents for the subcontractor.

Companies which already participated in the tender, have a possibility not to submit copies of documents that were already submitted provided that they are valid and there were no any changes made, for example statutory documents.

It is recommended to submit originals of the bids in the sealed envelopes to:  Procurement Unit,

8, Mykhailivska St., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine,

Project: Sustainable Reforms for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Tender: UA1-2015-134.

Address organizational questions by e-mail Ilona NASTYUKHA and e-mail:, Andriy HRYNYUK with copy to

Specific construction-type questions address to Marlen NAGAEV by e-mail: