Tender for the supply and delivery of summer trousers (UA20-2015-146)

Subject: Tender for the supply and delivery of summer trousers (UA20-2015-146)
Published: 24.07.2015
Status: closed

International Organization for Migration (IOM) invites interested eligible Suppliers to submit Quotations for the supply and delivery of summer trousers with EU logo as per following specifications.

Sample of material to be used for production shall be provided together with the offer.

The selected Bidder, before start manufacturing of all ordered items, shall manufacture the prototype of the item for IOM’s approval. Should the quality of submitted prototype not meet IOM’s expectations, the contract will be given to the next ranked company, whose prototype will be of satisfactory quality. All prototypes will be returned to Bidders after Bids evaluation.

Terms of delivery are as follows:

DAP (Incoterms – 2010) 13, Zatyshna str., Odessa, 65012, Ukraine, International Organization for Migration, Mission for Ukraine, no later 15, November 2015.

Prices shall be quoted in US Dollars. Payments will be made in currency of invoice at the IOM Operational Rate of Exchange on the day of payment (link to the website with rates http://treasury.un.org/operationalrates/OperationalRates.aspx).

The bid should include detailed description of the offered goods with indication of fabric type (including information about the fabric, including technical specifications) and sample of fabric, as well as copies of company’s statutory documents (for Ukrainian companies - EDRPOU certificate (on including the company to the unified Ukrainian state register of enterprises and organizations), VAT payer certificate) and should be submitted to EUBAM Mission Procurement unit personally or mailed in a sealed envelope to the address: 13, Uyutnaya str., Odessa, 65012, Ukraine  by 18:00  03 August 2015. Late bids will not be considered.

One more key requirement is readiness of the company to fully accept the form of IOM model agreement and integrate in it all specific conditions and requirements as an Annex.

The bid shall be valid minimum 30 calendar days from the tender deadline, which should be mentioned in the Bid.

Please indicate on the envelope project name: EUBAM, production and supply of summer trousers with EU logo, tender UA20-2015-146.


IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, cancel selection process or reject all Bids at any moment prior to signing of agreement without any obligations towards Suppliers.

Address questions by e-mail procurement@eubam.org.