Human trafficking in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

Subject: Human trafficking in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine
Published: 05.06.2011
Status: closed


The International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine, (IOM) on July 7, 2011, announces a public tender for research and conduction of Regional Survey on Human Trafficking in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. The research will be carried out in the framework of the Danish Programme Against Human Trafficking in Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

Scope of work:

The research aims to enhance the knowledge of the scope and regional trends in human trafficking, identify current level of public awareness, particular vulnerabilities that lead to human trafficking, as well as connections with other social phenomena, such as migration, by way of a comparative study covering Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. The survey will be built upon previously conducted quantitative research in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Similar regional surveys on human trafficking have been conducted in 2006 and 2008. The Service Provider is expected among other things to provide a comparative analysis in relation to the previously obtained data.

Estimated project period: August ? November 2011

Deadline for submission of proposals: August 18, 2011

Award criteria:

  • Understanding of human trafficking issue, the purpose and objectives of the research
  • Experience in researching social subjects
  • Proved organizational capacity to carry out the survey in the three countries
  • Quality and cost of proposal
  • Qualification, Experience and Adequacy of the key staff for the assignment
  • References for previous research results

Detailed Terms of Reference for the tender can be downloaded here in MS Word format.