Tender for production of the printed products

Subject: Tender for production of the printed products
Published: 08.09.2011
Status: closed

International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine is looking for a printing company for production of the following printed products, in accordance with the provided by the IOM design and layout, as well as in accordance with the terms and conditions of the standard IOM Agreement:

- 30 items of ball point pens with metal body in silver colour, in a gift box (approximate size 18х6х2,2 cm), engraving of IOM logo and title;

- 50 items of round metal key rings of silver colour (size 3,5 X3,5X ?0, 5 cm), engraving of IOM logo, individual packaging;

- 30 items of foldable umbrellas of dark blue colour with metal frame and aluminum handle with IOM logo in one colour (approximate size of an umbrella ?86 x 51 cm), with pouch;

- 30 items of imitation leather black wallets with metal linear decoration (approximate size 12х9,5х2 cm), engraving of IOM logo, individual packaging;

- 1 tent of dark blue colour, material ? polyester (size 3х3х3 m) with IOM logo in one colour (white)

Address your questions by email: tmiskova@iom.int or tvlasenko@iom.int

The printed product to be provided by a printing company is as follows:

in the most appropriate manner based on the intent, message, quality, cost and turnaround requirements of the IOM;Service Provider should be able to produce IOM visibility items meeting reasonable deadlines;

IOM reserves the right to change the print characteristics slightly (e.g. density of paper, changing matt lamination for protecting varnish, etc.)

One more key requirement is readiness of the company to fully accept the form of IOM model service agreement (to download Agreement with Annex).

Companies wishing to participate in the tender should submit their bids by 19:00 on 20 September, 2011.

The proposal should be sent to IOM Mission inUkraineto Resource Management Specialist Valeria Brahileva with the subject "Visibility items production".